Banking to Artificial Intelligence Management

1 min readDec 17, 2020

For a while, we see the traditional banking system as one of the most reliable places for holding and managing our finance until the community of the banks decided to introduce the CBDC. Surely after Facebook shocked policymakers with its plan to launch a digital currency last year, central banks have been forging ahead with discussions on how they could create their own virtual money and they did, its called Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) and already implemented in a number of countries worldwide. The challenges for payment systems using digital payments or physical cash for such a scattered archipelago are understandable work of Central banks around digital currencies appeared to gather steam last year after Facebook introduced its own version called libra and which is backed by a coalition of companies including Uber and Spotify.

Artificial intelligence is used in every corner of our life without us noticing. Major companies like MasterCard and Visa already implemented the new technologies on the huge amount of data.

Ambitious expectations are opening their gates to new management opportunities by introducing AI to the workflow and relations between the ecosystem participants, designed for a better experience for K2Crypto customers.