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For a while, we see the traditional banking system as one of the most reliable places for holding and managing our finance until the community of the banks decided to introduce the CBDC. Surely after Facebook shocked policymakers with its plan to launch a digital currency last year, central banks have been forging ahead with discussions on how they could create their own virtual money and they did, its called Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) and already implemented in a number of countries worldwide. …

Intercontinental cryptocurrency exchanges

Government-issued cryptocurrency designed to replace the traditional, physical form of country’s national fiat currencies they are called central bank digital currencies CBDC`s. CBDC implementation is driving the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to become the next best thing after the creation of internet banking.

The volatility moment is close and obvious opportunity. Crypto adaption of banks worldwide will bring value to Bitcoin and Gold. Capital markets will create value to US dollar index and the banks will acquire the next monetary policy. The upcoming Bank adaptation of CBDC is going to unveil 24/7 transaction availability worldwide.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a service that allows you to open a personal cryptocurrency multi-wallet on reliable platforms like Coinbase or Coinmama.


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